Akbar Khazaei

Akbar Khazaei: The classic physics competition in Armenia will be held based on the new IFBB Pro regulations

“Akbar Khazaei, the first and only professional bodybuilding judge of NPC in Iran, stated during an interview with the IFBB Pro League Armenia website regarding the changes in height and weight categories for Classic Physique in the IFBB Pro and NPC competitions. He mentioned that as everyone is aware, recent changes have been made in the height and weight categories of the Classic Physique division in IFBB Pro and NPC, and competition organizers are obligated to implement them. Therefore, based on this decision, the height and weight conditions for athletes in the Qimia Middle East competition will be applied according to the new rules.

Akbar Khazaei added that these adjustments have been made properly and technically, benefiting the athletes. They can now compete with higher weights on stage without having to sacrifice muscle mass. This allows Classic Physique athletes to maintain their muscle density while presenting a more muscular appearance on stage.

The Qimia Middle East bodybuilding competition is scheduled for August 13, 2023, in Yerevan, with the judges being Mohammed Ashkanani from Kuwait, Akbar Khazaei from Iran, Saagar Aldosari from Kuwait, Serge Dessel from France, and Elia Gourshko from Russia. Additionally, Ahmad Hussein Al Nawasi from Jordan will also be present as a back-stage judge.

The organizers of this competition are Mohammed Barkat and Farshad Nahas from Qimia company , who are hosting this event for the first time in Armenia.”